I'm not much into suspense or drama, so here's a quick run-down of Jacob's current state:  He has had a total of 10 surgeries, so far, but is scheduled for oral surgery in a few days, to remove some of those pesky baby teeth that just won't come out on their own.  He has an artificial lens in one eye but with glasses his vision is near normal, and was recently diagnosed with mild scoliosis.  In June, 2012, at 12 years + 1 month, he was in about the 85th percentile for height :)  and about 30 lbs above the 95th percentile for weight :(.  Mild developmental delays plague him in the areas of reading and language arts, but he is fairly strong in math, is working at grade level in all subjects with some modifications, and LOVES all things techie!  Several of his classes are online this year, which he is really enjoying (and doing incredibly well at). 

I am also very proud to say that chivalry lives on in my son!  He always rushes ahead to open doors for me, and is happy to stand there as long as necessary for everyone else to pass, too.  He is the first to volunteer for anything that needs to be done at church and is now working in the nursery with the toddlers!  He is loving and generous, and one of the most beautiful beings God has ever created, in my absolutely unbiased opinion!  :)

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