As my first blog and starting nearly 12 years late for a running monolog of life with Jacob, I'll just start with this... this child is my pride and joy! 

One thing that has always struck me as a bit.... hmmm... unexpected, is that going anywhere with Jacob, especially when he was little, was like traveling with a rock star!  No one ever, EVER, forgets his face, no matter how much time has passed since they've seen him, or how brief their contact.  When he was about 8 we met a woman at a homeschool playgroup who said she knew Jacob from somewhere.  We brainstormed for about an hour trying to figure out all of the people, places, and things we had in common, before it occurred to her where she had seen him.  It turned out that she had been at the county courthouse at the same time as we had been... a couple of months before his third birthday!  She even had pics with him in the background to prove it!! 

Around the same time we were on vacation in another state when a woman who had worked at his school years before, but whom neither my husband or I knew, recognized him and stopped us to say "hi"!  Complete strangers still approach on occasion asking about his condition or his many surgical scars, though it should be noted that he now has a full head of hair and doesn't mind keeping his clothing on these days, so those scars aren't nearly as visible as they once were!

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