I my name his Jacob and I live in California in the
United States of America.
I was adopted in 2003.
    My  parents names are Wade and Laura.
 I have 3 other brothers named fifteen year old James,
10 year old Joey, 9 year old Josh. I have a grown up

sister named Crystal and a 6 year old sister named Jasmine.
     We have 2 dogs named Huff and Puff, 2 horses named Tardy and Chance,   a bunch of  chickens, 3 ducks, a turkey.
      I have had a bunch of surgery including head feet hands. My last surgery was in 2009. I like it When we  go to see my eye doctors named doc. Oeyes check (3 mounts apart) because it is 5 minutes away from my favorite restaurant named Fresh Choice. Butr when we go t my head and feet doctor's named doc. Senders (head)   Doc.rab (feet

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